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1-4: Glee
5-14: Harry Potter
15: Milo Ventimilgia
16-21: John Krasinski/The Office
22-29: Lost/EW Photoshoot
30-32: Jason Bateman
33-37: Alexis Bledel, Adam Brody, How I Met Your Mother, Robert Pattinson
38-45: Little Miss Sunshine, So You Think You Can Dance, Twilight, Wall-E

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1-5: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Promo Shots
6-16: Lost 4x12 There's No Place Like Home Pt. 1
17-36: The Office 4x4 Money
37-47: Scrubs
48-57: So You Think You Can Dance Season 4: The Dance

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29 January 2008 @ 03:09 pm
"I know that I shouldn't but sometimes I wonder how other people look at me. What do they see first? My brown-ness, my beard, my cap, my clothes, the color of my eyes, the design of my T-shirt? I think that people see my skin color first. They probably see me as a brown guy. Then, they might see my black beard and my white kufi and figure out I am Muslim. They see my most earthly qualities first. Brown, that's the very color of the earth, the mud from which God created us. Sometimes I wonder what color my soul is. I hope that it's the color of heaven. "